Writing Abroad

A Guide for Travelers

Peter Chilson and Joanne B. Mulcahy

The University of Chicago Press | 224 pages

“This is an exciting book. In an age of globalization, where crossing borders is complex and nuanced, Chilson and Mulcahy provide a comprehensive way to look at and learn from our experiences in other cultures. Readers will return to this book over and over again for ongoing guidance.”

—Brian Whalen, president and CEO, The Forum on Education Abroad

“This excellent, portable guide will appeal to travelers who want to write about their journeys effectively and engagingly. Its tools and techniques can help writers deepen observation, improve engagement, and enhance learning while on the move, and create rich work upon return.”

—Jordana Dym, editor of Mapping Latin America

Poets and Writers Magazine’s 2018 List of Best Books for Writers


Peace Corps Worldwide 2017 Best Travel Book Award

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